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The driving principle behind any MoyaVox implementation is to provide the customer with the greatest benefits and create an ongoing partnership where they can take full advantage of every aspect of their solution. But how do we achieve this?

We believe in understanding your business. We will visit your site and build that knowledge and along with your employees we will identify where you could make gains.

  • We will quantify those gains and help you build a business case.
  • We will give a proposal built around your business, defining how we will help.
  • We will work with your staff to provide a detailed specification to give you a complete documented understanding of what you will get and what the results will be.
  • We will work with your current provider to provide the relevant interfaces to the MoyaVox Solution.
  • We will agree a signed-off plan, giving you a commitment to provide on the solution that we have designed.
  • We will support your User Acceptance training.
  • We will support your Go-Live.
  • We will support you into the future and provide up to date information on new developments or products that may be of interest to your business.

Robots are working in grocery stores?

A family-owned grocery store in America, Schnucks, has introduced robots to three of its stores. Tally the robot is being given a six-week trial, some of her capabilities include checking aisles for out of stock items three times a day and making sure products and...

Is Amazon getting too big?

All of us love a good David and Goliath story—but what happens when Goliath remains unopposed? In the terms of companies, the heavy hitters are equivalent to this fictional juggernaut. Names like Amazon and Google are recognized worldwide for everything from products...

BooHoo isn’t crying about its expansion plans

The co-founder of has decided to reap the benefits of the company by selling more than £80 million in shares. The sale of shares is all going to go to the purchasing of a new “supersite warehouse.” The profits and timing were both in prime conjunction, as...

City Logistics

Cities are affected by the transportation that operate within them. Both urban freight transportation and passenger transport have economic, environmental and social impacts in city areas. What are city logistics? In 1999, Taniguchi et al. defined city logistics as...

The ultimate logistics challenge: Fresh Flowers

Royal FloraHolland is a Dutch cooperative facilitating one of the world’s biggest flower auctions. In 2016, 6.924 million plants and flowers were sold via Royal FloraHolland. The auction area covers 2.398.662 m2 which includes 138.667 m2 of cooling cells. Cut flowers...

Developer Reaches for the Sky

Software developer Nicholas Mattiello from Moyavox is currently chasing his dream to become a qualified pilot. We caught up with Nick to find out what has driven him to take on this challenge. What made you decide to take your private pilot’s license? It was my dream...

Are we closer to “intelligent” logistics?

A round table of leading supply chain management (SCM) technology analysts recently expressed their expert opinions on “intelligent” logistics and how today’s logistics companies need to stay relevant in an interview with Michael Levans. The professionals consisted of...

Rising cost of supply chain disruption

Business interruption now accounts for a much higher proportion of the overall loss than was the case ten years ago – and that is down to increasing interdependencies between companies, the global supply chain and lean production processes. That connection is made by...


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