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MoyaVox was built to help businesses answer some of the big

questions that running a warehouse presents

How can I make my Warehouse faster & more efficient?


While you may have excellent workers they are still hampered by the systems in place, meaning their efficiency is limited. MoyaVox is a Voice Recognition based solution, using the Vocollect hardware and our applications developed in-house we can typically achieve an efficiency increase of greater than 25% when replacing a barcode scanning solution, reducing your warehouse costs.

How can I increase my Warehouse accuracy?

The MoyaVox solution has been constructed in such a way as to achieve an accuracy at the pick face of 99.97% or greater. By using our Voice Application the system is in control. For more information on how this is achieved, please contact MoyaVox.

How can I reduce costs in my warehouse?

Both accuracy and efficiency effect the cost of running a warehouse. Using the MoyaVox solution you can increase your accuracy and efficiency to achieve real year on year gains. A MoyaVox Solution will typically achieve Return Of Investment (ROI) in less than 12 months.


MoyaVox supports all Warehouse Functions, including all types of Picking, Receiving, Put Away,

Stock Checking, Perpetual Inventory, Replenishment, Packing and Dispatch.





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