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At MoyaVox we appreciate the challenges faced in the care home industry. With a large choice available, the guarantee of accurate tailored plans for each resident and the resultant high level of care can be the difference between a good care home and a great one.
As each resident is admitted a personalised tailored plan is created that details each aspect of the persons care. This is maintained on the MoyaVox Medical application and is accessible to all the nursing staff during the residents stay. Prescriptions can be accurately dispensed, activities and care requirements are tracked and modified in real-time to ensure the resident is getting the correct level of care their relatives expected when they chose which care home their loved ones would move to.
With the MoyaVox Medical real-time tracking, documentation can be reduced to a minimal level, as the application will complete the paper work as the carer works, freeing more time for the carer to spend with the resident. Reports tracking constant checks can be readily accessible and thresholds set to provide immediate warnings should a patient’s wellbeing drop below the defined levels. For example, gradual weight loss or an increased blood pressure level will be immediately captured even if the regular carer is not present. Reports showing their activities over a week, month or year can be made available to their concerned relatives, showing the level of care they are receiving.
With our team of developers we can tailor the MoyaVox Medical solution to provide additional functionality that will allow your care home to stand out from the competition. Contact MoyaVox today to see what we can do for you.

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