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Quality Assurance (QA) and Inspection is a company’s safeguard against producing poor goods, material failure, health and safety issues, process flaws, receiving and using sub-standard materials from suppliers, and many other factors that can and will impact on a business’s reputation and viability. These checks can be time consuming and prone to human error. MoyaVox Inspection removes the human error whilst speeding up the QA and inspection process.

Whether allowing the operator to select the correct checklist or having the correct process automatically assigned, MoyaVox Inspection will ensure the correct steps are followed in the correct order and capture all the relevant data in real-time. Proving feedback on any errors found, your QA team will be able to catch and correct each issue as soon as possible. The highly configurable process can be used on a production line, on aircraft inspections or on remote sites or locations where readings and checks must be carried out.
Using Voice Recognition, the operators can record data in tight locations or while continuing with their tasks. They can also be given the next action dependant on the data they have input without having to read from a screen or piece of paper.

With the flexible reporting structure, all reports can be exported at the press of a button and used to provide management presentations. The filters allow you to compare data across dates, single operators or teams of operators to research trends that could otherwise be missed.

To find out how MoyaVox Inspection can enhance your QA and Inspection functions contact MoyaVox and arrange a free consultation.

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