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Darrel Williams is Regional Director, Northern Europe and South Africa, Honeywell Vocollect Solutions, the world leader in voice solutions for mobile workers.
The addition of our voice solutions to your warehouse/DC operations offers you the transformative workforce performance gains you require, with the infrastructure flexibility you need. Our solutions provide you with the immediate operational benefits you desire, without multi-year infrastructure commitments that reduce your flexibility to adapt to changes in the business environment. The Vocollect A700 Solution breaks down the long-time perceived walls between voice and scanning. Honeywell is proud to be the first and only organization in the world to offer an ergonomic solution that optimizes voice and scanning in a single mobile device.
We are happy to recommend MoyaVox as your Voice Provider. MoyaVox can offer you the full A700 range of products and other associated hardware as well as providing top quality consultation, implementation and support from their Vocollect Certified Professionals.




The Vocollect A730 device contains an integrated short-range scanner, which enables workers to use both voice direction and scanning to fully optimize a process in an ergonomic, wearable form factor that eliminates workers from having to deal with a luggable device. It is small and easy to unholster for occasional scanning. A worker can even scan hands-free by speaking a voice command to activate the scanner when moving boxes with labels past the scan target while the Vocollect A730 rests on a worker’s belt.




The Vocollect A720 is a voice device with two connectors, identical to those used on prior Talkman devices. This is the best solution for customers who prefer a Talkman A700 Solution that includes support for wireless and wired Vocollect headsets and certified wired peripherals.




The Talkman A500 leverages the award-winning form factor of the Talkman T5, making it a proven, robust solution that is also one of the most technologically advanced mobile devices available that can withstand the harsh environments of DCs. The Talkman A500 is the first Vocollect device that customers can wirelessly connect to Bluetooth enabled display devices. As a result, customers can now voice-enable workflows that require mobile workers to occasionally reference long lists or images that may be best viewed on a display.



The Vocollect SRX2 wireless headset sets the standard for voice worker ergonomics enhancing the worker experience by providing the most comfortable wireless headset option available. When combined with Vocollect SoundSense voice recognition technology, the SRX2 wireless headset offers unmatched accuracy. The innovative component design enables shared use of electronics, while preserving individual worker hygiene through the use of individual headbands, reducing both the up-front cost and the ongoing cost of ownership. The Advanced Speech Recognition Protocol ensures zero loss of speech and audio information, thus providing the highest levels of accuracy and worker performance.


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