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What are the savings you would expect to make in a warehouse with a MoyaVox solution?

We talk about the increased efficiency and accuracy, but without providing figures this is hard to transpose into the real world. To shed some light on this, let’s look at a real world scenario. We offer a pick face accuracy of 99.97% and an efficiency increase of 25%

The hardest part to quantify is the savings from improved accuracy. Here we have taken figures from a small to medium warehouse:

Shifts: 11 per week/ 7.5 hours per shift

Operators: 20

Items picked per shift (Ave.): 1200

Current accuracy rate 97%

Cost per error: £15

Operational weeks per year: 52

New accuracy rate: 99.97%

11 shifts * 1200 items = 13200 items per week * 52 weeks per year = 686400 items per year

Current accuracy of 99% gives error rate of 3%. 3% of 686400 = 20592 errors per year * average cost per error £15 = £308,880 lost in errors per year

New accuracy rate of 99.97% gives an error rate of 0.03% of 686400 = 205.92 errors per year * average cost per error £15 = £3088 new figure for the cost of errors = £305,792 per annum saving

When this is coupled with the 25% efficiency increase, which can either mean more work, or less workers, it becomes obvious why a MoyaVox solution will achieve an R.O.I. of less than 12 months