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In a heavily seasonal business, or a business that experiences a series of peaks and troughs in its operation, the need for temporary staff is a fact of life. No business can afford to keep staff year round when they will only be utilised for a number of months across the year, but no business can afford to turn away opportunities because of a lack of manpower if they want to keep growing. The only way to answer this is with temporary staff, but you need to ensure that to maximise your investment over this limited time they are working to the peak of their potential and that you do not have to keep them any longer than is necessary.

Historically warehouses have grown with the business and the staff and solutions have evolved to answer the operational requirements. As paper based or RF Scanning Solutions have been implemented they have relied on the operators to understand the business and have gradually had workarounds incorporated to answer specific needs. This has meant that the operators have to rely on their own knowledge base and have grown with the processes. This means that when there is a need for temporary staff to bolster the operation for peak periods they need extensive training and can only be used in a limited number of processes, and their accuracy and efficiency can never consistently match that of the permanent staff.

This is a far from ideal scenario and the overheads can cut into the business profits and result in a less than productive team of temporary staff.

MoyaVox Voice increases efficiency and cuts costs in the warehouse 

Using Voice Direction we can manage the operational processes and drive the operator, removing the reliance on the operators own knowledge. By increasing the efficiency of your staff it can help reduce the number of temporary staff you require to manage your peak periods.

For the staff you still will require, Voice Direction means that the new temporary operators can be trained in the space of a single morning. Using the Novice setting the operator is taught the processes and the required responses. The processes are designed to drive accuracy, so while your temporary staff are training your operational accuracy will be maintained. 

We expect temporary staff to be working at around 70% efficiency when compared to your experienced permanent staff by the end of the first shift.

As your temporary staff get familiar with the processes and the expected responses they will progress to the Expert setting, where the dialogue is reduced and their work efficiency is increased. As a backup they can ask the system for help at any point, which will then tell them what the next expected input is. After the first week we expect your temporary staff to start approaching the efficiency of your permanent employees.

The opening of the borders in Europe has led to an influx of new potential workers from across the continent and beyond, with a plethora of native languages, especially amongst temporary employees. With MoyaVox and the Vocollect by Honeywell terminals we can achieve the same level of Voice Recognition expected from a native English speaker. They have the option to train their responses in their first language if they so wish, and as the majority of responses will be reading digits from a location or product their knowledge of English will not have a negative impact.

MoyaVox also provides the management tools that will enable you to monitor new employees and highlight any areas where they may be struggling. Using the reports generated you will be able to show a quantifiable record that compares them to either other temporary staff or to your permanent staff. 

The flexibility provided around the temporary staff is merely one of the facets MoyaVox can bring to your operation, allowing you to grow your business and face the next few years in the knowledge that your MoyaVox Voice Solution can support you as you progress.