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In this paper we aim to give you an overview of Voice Directed Solutions as used in the warehouse, and specifically the MoyaVox Solution and how it could help your business become more efficient and accurate while giving you a platform for growth.

Voice Directed Solutions

There are a number of different Voice Directed Solutions on the market and they tend to follow a set of three main architectures. The common factor is that each one concentrates on directing the actions of the worker.

So why do they do this and what does it gain the customer?

The principle of Voice is that the operator is unencumbered by a paper list or a terminal, so is hands-free and eyes-free as they carry out their tasks. The instructions are passed to them in what the solution has calculated to be the most efficient order, and they have to provide the correct information to receive the next instruction. In this way the system drives the operator as opposed to other technologies that allow the operator to make ad-hoc decisions that can alter the order or select alternate locations.

In a good Voice Implementation you would expect to see gains of 20-25% efficiency and an accuracy rate of 99.97% when replacing an RF Scanning solution.

So how would you define a good Voice Implementation?

A good implementation should take a holistic view of the entire solution and design the processes to use the best practices to give the greatest gain.

There are a number of solutions that aim purely at the software, selling themselves as being completely independent with regards to the hardware that will be used by the operators. These solutions can either be a budget offering that merely takes your existing emulation and “tags” certain prompts, so they are spoken to the operator, or the higher priced but better performing application that stands alone and interfaces into your existing Warehouse Management System (WMS). These latter solutions do address the differences in a Voice Solution as opposed to a scanning system; however they stop at the software and ignore the rest of the solution.

Voice enabling a system should involve a full investigation of the processes and the creation of the Voice process that best suits the business, not merely patching Voice on to a process designed for another solution.

The second type of Voice Solution is called a Direct Interface. This is a solution that has been designed by a WMS that enables the main solution to use Voice with an application running on specific Voice terminals. These are designed to follow the best practices and will realise the full savings, but you need to ensure your WMS has this facility and that your version supports it. They may also only support certain functions, dependant on your WMS provider. Typically your WMS will partner with a Systems Integrator who will provide and support the hardware required for the system and they, in turn, will be able to help you achieve the solution you need.

The third variation is a middleware solution. This is a software and hardware solution that bolts onto the Warehouse Management System (WMS), Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) or Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) solution you already have in place and provides an additional layer of management and implements the processes at the operator level, while interfacing with the WMS to ensure the master data is updated. Middleware allows you to change processes and fine tune the operational actions without needing to change the WMS.

What does MoyaVox offer that’s different?

MoyaVox is unique in its offering.

As a Systems Integrator we can offer the hardware for a direct solution into an enabled WMS, along with our expertise to ensure you get the best solution for your business. We will provide all of the professional services required to give you the solution required and support your business as it grows.

As a certified Vocollect by Honeywell partner we can provide a range of hardware that is designed to give you the best experience of a Voice Solution. With a mean-time between failure of 5 years and over a million users globally, you know you have the best product available for the job.

As MoyaVox we can offer a total solution. We can provide the MoyaVox software that will bolt onto any WMS or ERP you currently run and provide the extra layer that gives you the greater control of your warehouse and workers that you need. We have over 20 years’ experience as both a WMS and Systems Integrator. With our team comprised of developers, operational experts and auto id specialists providing a unique blend within the Industry we can ensure that any MoyaVox Solution that is proposed to you will provide a premium Voice Solution that takes your current system to the next level.